USS Southern Cross / Spectre

The USS Southern Cross is a Star Trek themed play by e-mail role playing game. Set in the year 2386 in the aftermath of the Dominion War, espionage and piracy are on the increase as the great powers struggle to maintain their pre-eminence despite their war-ravaged economies and fraying societies

USS Roanoke

Roanoke is a ship of myth and legend. Possibly a bit of infamy. Given she was among the first ships of her class to enter service, outlived most of her sister ships during the Dominion war, and took a massive pounding against her during her brief rogue status... Let's just say this beat up old girl is not ready to be mothballed yet

USS Endurance

In the year 2389, following the destruction of Romulus, the Alpha quadrant teeters on the brink of instability once more. With the remnants of the Romulan Star Empire seeking both assylum and the opportunity to reform their government, the Klingons begin an armed campaign to increase their range of power in the quadrant. The Federation, desperately maintaining a peace and rebuild process on two fronts, must act swiftly to hold the balance of power in place in the quadrant and prevent all out war from breaking out

USS Basilone

The Basilone is gunboat diplomacy in its purest form with enough firepower to level a city and decimate an army. Projection of violence with the personnel on board who are not afraid to visit it on anyone who dares to threaten the Federation and her people. An Guardian Angel to those who live under the blue flag, the Angel of Death to those who oppose it.

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